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The YouTube Agents - Full Course

What's Included With Your Purchase:

  • 6 YouTube Agents Modules
  • FREE Access to the Pro Group for 30 Days

Want to know how our Real Estate business EXPLODED with YouTube? Our phone is ringing off the hook every day with people begging us to help them buy a home!

YouTube is the #1 searched platform when people want to know what it is like to live in your city,well before searching for a home on one of "those sites" and we have absolutely mastered it!

I have spent countless hours using over 100 different platforms and narrowed it down to the best, fastest, and free platforms that will make your phone start blowing up!

Everything is in this course to expedite the process of making a super successful YouTube channel. Whether you have never even shot a video or already have a channel but it doesn't produce.

Don't let someone in your market beat you to this... you'll be sorry!!

Modules Included: 

  • Module 1 - Create Your Own Successful YouTube Channel
  • Module 2 - Create Clickable Thumbnails That Get More Views. Music & More!
  • Module 3 - Professional Equipment at a Fraction of the Price
  • Module 4 - Get More Subscribers and Views w/SEO
  • Module 5 - Edit YouTube Videos Like a Hollywood Pro
  • Module 6 - Post and Optimize Videos w/Great Titles, Descriptions, and Tags